Reopening August 28th 2020

Bikram Hot Yoga Antwerp is opening on Friday, August 28th 2020
Closing times 2 but Opening time TOO!

More Yoga, Love and Peace and mindful people in Antwerp. 
We can Breath and do what we love to do.

Please reserve you spot on a phone number:

+32 (0) 49 512 7442 

(Message or WhatsApp)

We offer a new class on schedule Vinyasa and Yin Yoga.

Tips for First Time Visitors

  • Please come for your first class 20 minutes before class start, so we can register you and explain everything.
  • For our Hot Yoga class you need light gym wear, so you can sweat and move freely.
  • We recommend not to eat 2-3 hours before the class.
  • To compensate the loss of fluids from sweating you should drink water. Bring some water or get a bottle at the studio. We recommend to come well hydrated for the class.