Studio Etiquette

Silence is mandatory in the yoga studio. Silence is golden, please speak softly in the studio and respect the silence in the yoga room before and after the class.

Present yourself at the the reception for the inscription before each lesson.

Leave your shoes before entering the changing rooms.

Turn off your mobile phones when you enter the building.

If you are medicaly treated, injured or pregnant, inform the teacher before the beginning of the class.

Stay hydrated before and after the class (tea, coffee alcohol and other diuretics do not count). When we sweat, we lose minerals and electrolytes. Drink throughout your day. Replenish by drinking fresh vegetable juice or taking other minerals / elecrolyte supplements. When you are fully hydrated you will feel good during the class.

We are attached to environmental causes also, we would ask you to limit the time of your shower to 2 - 3 minutes.

The class lasts 90 minutes. Stay in the room until the end. It's very important especially for your first time. Staying in the room is part of the practice and shows respect to the other people in the room.

The most important thing: Keep Smiling and Have Fun!


Respect the neighbours of the studio. Please do not make noise when entering and exiting the studio.